OPEN PERGOLAS from $149 per meter square


Often more economical to build, open top pergolas lack roof cladding. They are a great way to improve the look of your landscape while maximising airflow.

CARPORTS from $129 per meter square


A carport will provide you with a safe place to keep your car, saving it from any damage from trees, birds or the sun’s rays. Our carports will also add value to your home. We take care when designing carports to mirror the architectural design of your home so that the carport seamlessly integrates into its style and gives the impression that it’s been there forever.The purpose of a carport is to protect your car, and provide you with safe passage from the car to your home. In designing your carport we will consider the prevailing architectural style of your home and look to match it, as well as how the weather operates in your area and how we might best adjust our design to allow maximum protection while still maintaining visual appeal.

Flat roof pergola from $129 per meter square


Flat/Skillion roof pergolas are highly versatile structures that can provide a lot of flexibility. They can be lined with a timber ceiling and feature inbuilt lighting and fans, or they can have different levels or pitches to provide exactly the style and conditions you require. A flat pergola using standard roof sheeting is recommended to have a 5 degree pitch at a minimum so water can remove itself from the top of the structure. If needed there are heavy duty roof sheets with extremely high profiles that can allow for a lower pitch but generally these are not recommended on your average backyard pergola.

Gable Pergolas from $149 per meter square


Gable roof pergolas offer a light and cool environment as they have a higher roof with open ends to allow for airflow. On a Gable pergola the rafters are cut at angles and meet in the centre of the structure at a ridge. Gable pergolas can mirror the roofline of your home and blend into its architectural style. You can also amend the end types on a gable pergola to give it hip and bay ends to further customise its design. Gable pergolas can be lined with timber or materials that emulate ceilings, they can also have decorative additions to them such as false gables and dutch gables which allow for more space under the roof and give a different appearance to the roof line outside of the structure.