About Us


I DECK BUILDERS is a family owned Australian company that has been trading for over 20 years. We feel that in that time we’ve developed a business that is representative of what we would like to deal with if we were building in our yards. We are independent, community minded and environmentally conscious, as well as being intensely focused on our customers experience.

We realise that the building industry is a place where expectations often go to die, and where people are disappointed more often than not. It’s for these reasons that we place the utmost importance on creating products and experiences that will have you pleasantly surprised throughout the building process. We aim to keep you informed at all points and try not to give you any surprises. We charge you one price for your structure, and that price doesn’t change, so you can have confidence that we will deliver on our promises. We also have a really solid warranty so that you can be sure that we’ll build your structure to last, and fix up any issues if they might occur down the track.

We feel like using name of company for your home improvement is the best decision you can make. We understand that making changes to your home is a major and important thing, and we take care to understand that every project that we handle should be done with as much care as we would expect is used in our own homes.